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There's a reason you're here – a reason you landed on this website. It's not by chance that we've achieved our organic positioning.

Our search engine optimization services have improved ranking (or positioning) for many of our clients' sites. You may have one of the best developed sites on the Web, but if it can't be found, your "Internet billboard" may as well be blank.
SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a complex science. Web Caviar employs cutting-edge technologies to achieve results.

We've been providing custom and personalized Website Design and SEO to small Fairfield County businesses in Stamford, Greenwich and Darien, CT for over 16 years.

Kindly phone us at 203 724-1006 in Stamford to discuss your options, or CLICK HERE to be taken to a simple form where you can request a call back.

How well does your website rank for mobile users?

Search Engine Optimization

If your website isn't optimized for mobile, how will it rank when searched from a mobile device? Typically the answer will be "poor," (even if it's been ranking well on your desktop computer).

Why poor? Because when using mobile devices, sites designed for mobile make for a better user experience. And because they do, search engines reward the efforts of their developers by ranking mobile-optimized sites higher than their non-optimized counterparts.

Take a look at your website on a smartphone or other mobile device. If the website you view on your mobile device is simply a smaller rendering of what appears on your desktop, it's time to move up to mobile design. In short, you can't afford not to. Kindly phone us at 203 724-1006 to discuss your options.

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